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  • Low profile, stiff sidewalls and softer rubber compounds improve traction and cornering performance
  • Shallow water channels provide more tread surface area but sacrifices wet weather handling
  • Resistant to heat build-up especially in hot climate conditions

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  • Detailed tread configurations and premium rubber compounds offer versatility and value
  • Designed for a comfortable ride year-round in moderate climates
  • Not recommended in driving conditions with temperatures below 45°

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  • Special rubber compounds enable treads to remain soft and flexible at temperatures below 45°F
  • More aggressive tread pattern maximizes road contact and traction
  • Sharper edges and closer spacing allow for better grip on snow and ice

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Low-profile wheels and tires are more susceptible to road hazard and consequential damage. Some of the wheels shown may not be compatible with all models. Speak to a MINI Service Advisor for compatibility details.

Choose the Approved MINI Cooper Tires That are Right for You

What are the best tires for your MINI Cooper? We’re so glad you asked. Here at the Sandia MINI Tire Center, MINI Cooper tires are our specialty! Whether you’re driving a sport model or a daily driver that needs all-season performance, you’ll find the right tires for your MINI at our location in Albuquerque, NM. 

Schedule tire service at Sandia MINI to get started. When you get here, we’ll have a few tire options ready for you to consider. Or, you can read below for more information. 

How to Choose the Best Tires for MINI Cooper

Choosing the right MINI Cooper tires is based on two main factors: the required tire type for your model and your own preferences. 

  1. You can find out what type of tires your vehicle needs by looking at the tire code. This is the string of numbers and letters (example: 175/65R15) that is listed in the owner’s manual and on the driver’s door jamb. Once you have the tire code for your car, you can look it up and see all of the different tire options that match. 
  2. Once you know what tire options are compatible with your vehicle, you can choose the best tires for your MINI Cooper based on your own needs — namely, price and performance. 

Save on MINI Cooper Tires!

For most Rio Rancho and Corrales-area drivers, new tires are a big investment. When you get tire service at Sandia MINI, there are rotating service specials available with special tire offers! You’ll find tire and alignment specials, tire rebates, and more to make your new MINI Cooper tires more affordable. 

Contact Us with MINI Cooper Tire Questions

Improve your driving experience in Placitas by scheduling tire service at Sandia MINI! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us online or call us at 505-302-6525 and our tire specialists will be happy to help. Additionally, you can find tire service information among our service and parts tips!